BrownDownCrown was thought up by Devon Devine one tragic early morning after a long night of hedonism with a great crew of San Francisco Brown kids.  He enlisted the help of his trusty friend Jenna Riot to create a TV show that would showcase — well — BrownDownCrown Society.  Devon realized he had a lot to say and waiting to film each episode just wasn’t going to cut it — and so the empire begins.  A blog, art parties, podcasts, music showcases —  I’m Brown I’m Down and I wear a Crown will soon be a household phrase .  Until then we must be satisfied with the current cult status of BrownDownCrown Society that includes everyone from Devon and Jenna to Monique and Beyonce.  It also includes folks who are WhiteTightRight – those who surpass their societal constraints as white people through the art and music they bring to the kids.  In his spare time Devon is one of 6 crew members that put on the successful daytime soul party, Hard French. He also enjoys bacon wrapped in chocolate.  He is a retired calendar model and budding fashion icon — and has dreams of playing the keyboard a la brown Elton John meets Gang of Four.  Its a movement, people – so join it.  for a hot date (or to lemme know what you think) hit me up at browndowncrown@gmail.comDevonce


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Alejandro Says:

    LOVE IT!

    let me know about Wednesday. I may get a band member from Pinky Swear with us.


  2. Devon Devine!!! I had no idea that you had a new media project. You’re such a fuckin’ star!!! Anyway, we added a link to BDC from the new QZAP site.

    Love and Kisses!

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