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CrazySexyCool- BDC gets chub for Mirror Mirror

Posted in art party, chub, Cochon Records, CrazySexyCool, mirror mirror on May 13, 2009 by browndowncrown

Cochon Records Anniversary party was so good it really couldn’t be summed up in just one post.  Like when you eat three tacos and you go back and wait in line for a fourth.  Mirror Mirror was THAT good.  So good in fact that BrownDownCrown is officially creating a new category for them — CrazySexyCool (paying tribute to the BDC queens that came before us).  From the beginning chords with the lead singer dressed as a banana to the crazy outfit changes covering their faces with netted fabric — the show gave us chub like an aural Matthew Barney porno.  Get the cd with the pretentious name that makes us like them even more, get hella stoned, and pay attention when they sing ‘Lock Up Your Sons’.  

Mirror Mirror performing at Thee Parkside Cochon Anniversary Party:
For the not DIY handheld camera in a dark club inclined, here is the music video for the song Eugene: