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Move over, B – BDC taking over

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You think Beyonce learned how to dance like that all on her own?  Of course not — the gays taught her.  J-Setting is a style of dance that comes from our BrownDownCrown Southern chapters.  And these boys know how it goes — if you like this video they even have instructional ones on their youtube page.  Just in case you find yourself in a situation in a dark alley with someone saying to you: Now, Extravagaaaaanza — J-Set for yr life.


one word — dancedancedance

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Hercules and Love Affair embodies ALL that is BrownDownCrown.  That is why they are our Bacon Wrapped Icon of the Week.   Check it —  for this mini rooftop show they have someone whose role is to vogue the whole time.  That’s something we at BDC strive for — a private dancer! They were last year’s summer anthem album and we’re excited to see what they’re going to pull out for 2009.  This video features vogueing in outerspace in front of a moving houndstooth backdrop. Bacon Wrapped indeed…

BrownDownCrown Art Party

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the BrownDownCrown Empire is expanding.  First a TV show — then a blog — and now — an event!  Our favorite Bacon Wrapped Fashion Icon – Nadia Buyse as DJ European DJ.  She is being joined by Jenna Riot, our WhiteTightRight Girls Vivvyanne Forevermore and Lil Miss Hot Mess and DJ’s Carnita and Brown Amy.  check out the flyer and stills from Nadia’s pop opera and Movie Party movies.Party Flyer

It’s a movement – BRING IT

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the BrownDownCrown Blog is finally here!  BrownDownCrown is a concept — its an attitude — its a postmodern way of thinking and creating community.  It came out of the idea from an online tv show of the same name, BrownDownCrownTV.   Check out the first episode here and start forming your own opinions about what BrownDownCrown means to you.  As some wise DZ’s once said: learn it live it love it.