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Posted in BeyonceWouldLoveIt, Fat-Tastic Brunch, Mo'Nique on January 9, 2010 by browndowncrown

Brunch is our favorite meal of the day because it includes ALL THE MEALS OF THE DAY and always features bacon and champagne. So how excited were we when our hottt SF friends were organizing a FAT-TASTIC Brunch?! Seems like such a good idea we asked if we could invite all the fatties on BROWNDOWNCROWN and they said the more people there are the more chances everyone has of making out! See ya on Sunday! We leave you with BROWNDOWNCROWN QUEEN, Mo’Nique — and some of HER ideas about it all!


Jenna Riot – BDC & the TGD

Posted in Jenna Riot, TGD, Tyra Banks, world takeover on January 9, 2010 by browndowncrown

Jenna Riot is now the new face of Faith21! With your help (and hella tween voters), she was hand picked by Mia Tyler for Forever 21’s new plus size line. Forever21 (or as some folks refer to it, Forever31) is hella religious which means the fact that they picked a brown queer femme fatty to represent their new line is one step closer to BDC’s TGD – TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION. If we can slip past the Christians, we can do anything! She is flying down to LA for a shopping spree and photo shoot — may we suggest Jenna Riot in a sexy outfit as a DOUBLE DOUBLE ANIMAL STYLE – chowing down on some In N Out and covered in their secret sauce between two extra large man patties? Regardless — Faith21’s current model, Whitney Thompson, is the first plus size model to win America’s Next Top Model and has been quoted as saying, “people should look like she does rather than skin-and-bones, which is disgusting and sends a bad message to people everywhere.” We couldn’t agree more! We just hope Whitney introduces Jenna to BDC Superstar TYRA BANKS so she can make a special guest appearance on BDCTV in a fat suit so we can really give her something to cry about! Congrats Jenna — now that you are the chosen one its time to show the world what BDC is all about! Click here to check out the other winners and what Mia Tyler had to say about them all.