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BDC is going to HARD FRENCH

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The HARD FRENCH crew in SF are starting a new OUTDOOR DAYTIME soul music party! The idea behind the event is to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, and do up the Outdoor Afternoon Dance Party in the Mission. This is a party for everyone- a party where drag queens mingle with lesbians, leather daddy’s soul dance with cholas, sharps share hot dogs with activists, jocks make out with twinks, brown meets white meets purple meets gay guy meets ladies meets q and everyone leaves excited for the next party. The party is being dj’d by Resident DJ newcomers and soul music wizards DJ Carnita and DJ Brown Amy. They, along with the rest of the Hard French Crew, will be curating music throughout the spring and summer with live bands, guest dj’s, performers and as many surprises.

for more info check out our facebook invite and DJ Carnita and DJ Brown Amy’s blog, The Real Nitty Gritty.

a saturday afternoon soul music party

dj carnita
dj brown amy

El Rio. March 6th. 3pm – 8pm. DJs on the patio. BBQ. Hard Dancing. Hard Cruising.

this is a new monthly OUTDOOR dance party at el rio, the first saturday of the month. come shake it and eat a burger at the BBQ or drink a beer during the beer bust!

$5 – gets you in for hard dancing and hard cruising all day long
$10 – gets you in and you get unlimited beer and a plate of bbq from 3pm – 5pm


BDC hearts MCB — Club Feral June 6th!

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translation: BrownDownCrown can’t get enough of Mon Cousin Belge — thru all the plane crashes, the changing band lineup, the break ups and the reunions —  MCB always puts on a fun show.  Club Feral is kicking off June with a bang — putting on a benefit for Homo A Go Go and bringing together MCB, The Younger Lovers (Brontez from Gravy Train!!! singing post riot grrrl tunes! hopefully in his tighty whitey briefs if we’re lucky…) and Pink Swastika.  Come shake yr hot chubby brown body (or at least I will) and dancedancedance.Club Feral June 6th

Club Feral Presents:
Mon Cousin Belge
The Younger Lovers
Pink Swastika

DJs Siobahn Aluvalot & Gary Fembot

Thee Parkside
June 6th, 9pm

all proceeds to benefit Homo A Go Go
YOUR Queer Arts Revolution
August 13th – 16th, San Francisco CA

Mon Cousin Belge music video for ‘Tweeker Bitch’:

Younger Lovers Music Video:

Taking Drugs and Making Love with Icy Lytes

Posted in art party, bacon wrapped icon, benefit, dancedancedance, Homo A Go Go, icy lytes, Paparazzi on May 14, 2009 by browndowncrown

LA’s biggest secret weapon – ICY LYTES. These kids took over SF at the Make Out room on May 3rd for a Homo A Go Go Benefit. The crowd was so wild Icy Lytes took their clothes off and I got so excited I even yelled at a drunk girl to stop groping me. They’re so brown they wear all white, they’re beats make you dance yr ass off and I swear on my Abuelita’s rosaries there were at least three hipsters after the show ordering Spanish Rosetta Stone applications for their I-Phones. BrownDownCrown interviewed them for the next installment of our TV show, coming out in June — and wait till you hear who they want to wrap in bacon. They had so much fun we convinced them to come back! YES, they are confirmed to play PAPARAZZI PRIDE on June 27th at Thee Parkside! If you missed the HAGG benefit, catch a clip of it here (blame the drunk groping girl for the bad footage) and make sure you don’t miss them when they reunite with SF next month!

CrazySexyCool- BDC gets chub for Mirror Mirror

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Cochon Records Anniversary party was so good it really couldn’t be summed up in just one post.  Like when you eat three tacos and you go back and wait in line for a fourth.  Mirror Mirror was THAT good.  So good in fact that BrownDownCrown is officially creating a new category for them — CrazySexyCool (paying tribute to the BDC queens that came before us).  From the beginning chords with the lead singer dressed as a banana to the crazy outfit changes covering their faces with netted fabric — the show gave us chub like an aural Matthew Barney porno.  Get the cd with the pretentious name that makes us like them even more, get hella stoned, and pay attention when they sing ‘Lock Up Your Sons’.  

Mirror Mirror performing at Thee Parkside Cochon Anniversary Party:
For the not DIY handheld camera in a dark club inclined, here is the music video for the song Eugene:

BrownDownCrown Art Party

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the BrownDownCrown Empire is expanding.  First a TV show — then a blog — and now — an event!  Our favorite Bacon Wrapped Fashion Icon – Nadia Buyse as DJ European DJ.  She is being joined by Jenna Riot, our WhiteTightRight Girls Vivvyanne Forevermore and Lil Miss Hot Mess and DJ’s Carnita and Brown Amy.  check out the flyer and stills from Nadia’s pop opera and Movie Party movies.Party Flyer