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Kim Ann Foxman — BrownDownCrown has something really important to tell you. WE SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL! You bringing back all our Chicago warehouse raver day memories and for that — we thank you. Check out her newest video for CREATURE here and we can’t wait for Kim Ann to come back to SF so we can wrap her in baconz and throw her to the gayz!

KIM ANN FOXMAN “CREATURE” [mr.intl records] from KIM ANN FOXMAN on Vimeo.



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The Oscars were important and all but everyone knows its all for white people movies. Every now and then some ladies and brown people sneak their way in as winners (with wins for Mo’Nique and Kathryn Bigelow this year) but the REAL awards are here at BDC Headquarters. As we approach our one year anniversary as a blog we are are announcing — THE BACON WRAPPED LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD!! Really, there was no one more deserving of this PRESTIGIOUS honor than MO’NIQUE.

Her role in Precious is phenomenal. She is the highest paid entertainer on the BET network for her late night talk show. She has been a longtime supporter of fatties through her comedy specials and books (Never Trust a Skinny Cook and Skinny Women Are Evil: Notes of a Big Girl in a Small Minded World).
And of course her 6 year stint on The Parkers! Her brutal honesty and adoration of the big girl makes her one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood right now. Honestly, we have so much to say about Mo’Nique and her funny moments and breakthrough achievements that it is almost impossible to list them all!

The icing on the cake is her the way she honored actress Hattie McDaniel – the first African American Actress to win a best supporting actress- at the Oscars this year. Not only by thanking her in her speech but, as she stated after her win:
The reason why I have on this royal blue dress is because it’s the color
that Hattie McDaniel wore in 1940 when she accepted her Oscar. The
reason why I have this gardenia in my hair, it is the flower that Hattie
McDaniel wore when she accepted her Oscar. So for you, Miss Hattie
McDaniel, I feel you all over me”

I know this is not shocking news to BDC readers but in the past 73 years only FOUR black ladies have won best supporting actress?!? I guess there were a few years in there where Brown people were busy fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS but come on!!

Check out the beautiful Hattie McDaniel’s acceptance speech back in 1940:

Check out Mo’Nique honoring Hattie McDaniel and harassing a reporter for asking a dumb ass question:



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The brilliance of xEmoBoy1987x‘s videos is exactly what we look for in a BACON WRAPPED ICON – hot brown chubby femme EMOGAYSIANS (yes people, asians are brown too — anyone who is not WHITE is BROWN in our world!) with gold bows deep throating marshmallows on long pointy skewers making videos for the WHITETIGHTRIGHT boyz they love. Whoa momma! Check out ALL his videos to hear his postmodern poetry and ramblings of a future icon and hopefully it will bring as much tears to your eyes as it does his because of “all the hair products in his bangs.” Dear EMOBOY1987 – YOU HAVE AN OPEN INVITATION TO MAKE A VIDEO FOR BDCTV!! Love, BDC

a video dedicated to Myles Cooper and tho we have never seen a white boy look so nick jr. cute singing to puppets with dancing strawberrys and muffins we can only hope EMOBOY will have a starring role in Myles’ next video:

and an ode to HUNX from Hunx and his Punx:


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Radical Roseanne CollectiveIt was bound to happen — the TV show Roseanne has long been a part of our lives and it was about time we started a fanclub for it! Hit us up on facebook where you can read our manifesto, see highlights from our favorite episodes and be jealous of the Connor’s 90s midwestern fashion. As our mission statement says: The Radical Roseanne Collective is a space where like minded Roseanne nerds come to geek out and plan the revolution.

riot grrrl episode:

BDC chats with the GOSSIP

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chris sutton

Chris Sutton and a packed house for the Gossip Show

…. well, sort of. For all purposes we were going to chat with the Gossip, and we did, but once we got there it was a reunion of old and new friends, dancing till we fell over, a crowd surfer (who will remain nameless) scaring the shit out of us and then after party at Honey Sundays with gaggles of gayboys surrounding lead singer, Beth Ditto, on all sides. With all the chaos backstage and afterward all the questions we wanted to ask Beth were lost but we did get to ask her the most important BDC question of all time: Who would you want to wrap in bacon? read on for the answer….

— from our vantage point we could see the front row of sexy brown gayboys singing along to every song like happy drag queens in Reno and that made BDC fill up with joy.
— also met another group of brown gayboys afterward (all of whom had a gay job like florist, stylist and colorist) who came all the way from Fresno to see the show! yah!
— between the Bikini Kill mash up, Queen sing along and Tina Turner cover, the Gossip definitely blew the crowd away and remain one of the best live shows EVER
— we’re so excited for the addition of Chris Sutton as bassist to the band!
— at one point we were talking with TWO of BDC’s Bacon Wrapped Icons at once (Beth Ditto from the Gossip and Andy from Hercules and Love Affair) and that just really was a lot of sexy bacon wrappers in one spot
— When asked who she’d want to wrap in bacon Beth didn’t skip a beat when responding: Lydia Lunch.

here are some pictures from the show… and some videos we found on the internet:

Bacon Wrapped Icon – HOMO A GO GO!

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Wrap HAGG in Bacon and Throw it To the Menz. This is it. Family Reunion. The Ultimate Gaycation. YOUR queer arts revolution. When August 13th hits thousands of hot gayz will be descending upon San Francisco for four days of full blown mayhem — Homo A Go Go. And THAT is why they are this week’s Bacon Wrapped Icon. Glass Candy, Erase Errata, Mirah and Girl in a Coma as headliners. Peaches Christ, Lil Miss Hot Mess and Carole and Mitzi as hosts. VICKY MARLANE, SF’s iconic drag queen is performing! Larry Bob is taking folks on a queer zine field trip. Samara Halperin is gonna teach you how to make stop motion animated films! Courtney Trouble is screening DIY porn shorts along with the fabulous documentary Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight, the iconic Maggots and Men and the hella punk Lollipop Generation. Dancing with Honey Sound System, RCHRD OH?, Pink Lightning, Rapid Fire, soul music with DJS Brown Amy and DJ Carnita! And wait — a fashion show curated by Chelsea Starr! Not to mention the 40 plus bands that are performing — She Beast with the beautiful Nadia Buyse, The Casual Lust, Dorian Wood, The Younger Lovers (and former Bacon Wrapped Icon), Partyline (with Alison Wolfe head Riot Grrrl), Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Hard Place, Hunx & His Punx, Jenna Riot, Katastrophe. All this AND a bar called the Gaycation Lounge, a group art show and basically the best party SF is throwing this entire summer. Check out this festival guide — what are YOU most excited about? bring it.

Bacon Wrapped Iconz: Girl in A Coma

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Girl in A Coma
These three girls from Texas are basically hella fierce — they are so BrownDownCrown they are this week’s Bacon Wrapped Icon. I am freaking out that they are headlining Friday night of Homo A Go Go — their mesmerizing vocals combined with their Rock n Roll sound and homegrown attitude make them, well, family (and I swear that one girl looks like my cousin). I can’t wait to see what they sound like live — and maybe even share a tamale with them afterward. Remember to get your tix to this show before it sells out! Check out their music video below (if you know the boy with the water gun tell him I’m looking for him) — let’s fill up their SomArts Homo A Go Go show with as many brown people as we can!