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Bacon Wrapped Icon of the Week: The Younger Lovers

Posted in bacon wrapped icon, club feral, CrazySexyCool, justin kelly, younger lovers on May 28, 2009 by browndowncrown

What do you get when you wrap a riot grrrl in bacon and unwrap it over a decade later? Brontez singing with the Younger Lovers! Seriously, Brontez — I know you really want to be singing ‘d-e-v-o-n’ instead of ‘d-a-n-n-y’ and for that The Younger Lovers is the Bacon Wrapped Icon of the Week. Check out their new music video directed by the amazing Justin Kelly (where can we find the uncut shower scenes, Justin?). And don’t forget to come out and see the Younger Lovers at Club Feral on June 6th!


BDC hearts MCB — Club Feral June 6th!

Posted in art party, benefit, club feral, dancedancedance, Homo A Go Go, mon cousin belge, scrilla, younger lovers on May 26, 2009 by browndowncrown

translation: BrownDownCrown can’t get enough of Mon Cousin Belge — thru all the plane crashes, the changing band lineup, the break ups and the reunions —  MCB always puts on a fun show.  Club Feral is kicking off June with a bang — putting on a benefit for Homo A Go Go and bringing together MCB, The Younger Lovers (Brontez from Gravy Train!!! singing post riot grrrl tunes! hopefully in his tighty whitey briefs if we’re lucky…) and Pink Swastika.  Come shake yr hot chubby brown body (or at least I will) and dancedancedance.Club Feral June 6th

Club Feral Presents:
Mon Cousin Belge
The Younger Lovers
Pink Swastika

DJs Siobahn Aluvalot & Gary Fembot

Thee Parkside
June 6th, 9pm

all proceeds to benefit Homo A Go Go
YOUR Queer Arts Revolution
August 13th – 16th, San Francisco CA

Mon Cousin Belge music video for ‘Tweeker Bitch’:

Younger Lovers Music Video: