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Erase Errata = WhiteTightRight

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BDC is ready to party with Erase Errata this weekend! EE has always been one of our favorite bands ever since we were baby gayz in Olympia, WA jamming to their music in stinky punk houses. In addition to their performance at the Don’t Bomb the Moon Fest this Saturday in SF, lead singer Jenny Hoyston will be a part of a panel of folks the night before at El Rio for Funtime (including BDC’s favorite porn princess, Courtney Trouble and Bacon Wrapped Icon Brontez from Gravy Train!!! and The Younger Lovers). Wow — very sexy! BDC was so excited we asked Jenny Hoyston to answer some WhiteTightRight questions for us about EE, playing with Team Dresch, Fabulosa Fest and pervy bacon wrapping.

BDC: Tell us about the Erase Errata reunion! How was it playing again at Homo a Go Go? What can we look forward to for EE’s near future?
Erase Errata plays several shows each year. They are usually “fly-ins” to events like EuroPride or college shows so we’ve been out of the San Francisco radar for the last few years. It felt great getting together and playing for the hometown crowd during HAGG. We just finished Pacific Northwest dates with Team Dresch and began a recording new material with Christina Files in her Portland studio. We don’t feel pressure to finish the recording in any time frame. Erase Errata is an ongoing project amid our busy lives.

On Saturday EE is playing the ‘Don’t Bomb the Moon’ event and i have heard you talk publicly about this before. Why is this important to you? What can we expect to happen at this event?
JH: Jarrett Mitchell, who founded don’, planned this free concert/demonstration in San Francisco to follow up on other demos he’s done in Louisville, KY, Chicago, Portland, etc. There will be lots of bands playing from 4pm on and Jarrett’s amazing anti-lunar bombing art will be on display (and for sale) at the event. It will be the place to be this Saturday.

BDC: This year I attended Fabulosa Fest! How did you get involved with organizing it and will it be happening again next year?
JH: Fabulosa Fest will be happening again mid July 2010. We tripled our numbers this year and have some really big names lined up for next year’s festival so we are looking for a new property to hold it on. The swimming situation is obviously important in our locale search since everyone loves to stay cool in the water between performances. I got involved in planning Fabulosa with my partners (El Rio owner) Dawn Huston and Judea Eden because I love planning fundraisers and concerts but was getting bored just doing shows in bars and clubs. It is so nice to create queer feminist space and the participants have brought the most amazing energy to the event every year. I’m so proud.

BDC: How do you like living in Portland? What’s the music scene like there and any Portland bands u recommend listening to?
JH: I like it up here. I can afford to live in a house, which is such a change for me from Bay Area warehouse squatting. I come down to San Francisco every other month so I still feel in touch with music and art there. I’ve put on shows here for Lovers and Forsorcerers and a few other bands but I honestly don’t go out to shows as much as I used to.

BDC: Tell me about the event at El Rio on Friday. Will you be performing?
JH: Friday at El Rio there will be a live talk show. The hilarious host will be interviewing Kaia Wilson and I together about going to the Jerry Jeff Walker concert the previous night. Kaia and I will be performing a Jerry Jeff Walker song together during the interview. Courtney from and Brontez from GravyTrain!!!/Younger Lovers are the other guests. It should be wild!

BDC: What was it like playing with Team Dresch!!
JH: Playing with Team Dresch was an honor. Their music means so much to me. I completely retreated into it when I was younger. I stood beside the stage during both of the shows we did together and sang along – I know every word. the Portland show was a little more wild and fun. I took my shirt off during “Remember Who You Are” and a few others followed suit.

BDC: Most importantly — if you could wrap any musician in bacon, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
JH: Ugh! You are obviously a complete pervert! I would not personally wrap anyone in bacon. I just barfed reading this. Oh, here it comes again…


BDC Exclusive! Jenna Riot Video Release!

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Jenna Riot has a new music video coming out just in time for the Homo A Go Go festivities! It is currently sitting pretty on our harddrive so we’ve watched it – a few times – and besides being hella BrownDownCrown, it is filled with hot writhing ladies in a kiddie pool, confetti laden gayz dancing in tight spaces and Jenna Riot rolling around on astroturf without missing a beat. The video was directed by porn princess, Courtney Trouble — who found time to make it in between receiving the SF Guardian’s Best of the Bay for and while editing her as of yet unreleased second feature length porn, Nostalgia. And did we mention she also has a photo show up at Seventh Heart called ‘Queers With Their Clothes On’? Whew! All that AND there is a video release party — this Friday! Not to be missed — there will be a special performance by Jenna Riot, Katastrophe and their long missed collaborative project, Ice Cream Socialites. After party baby. Also — the rough and tumble DJ Hot Lunch spinning Rock N Roll classics! If you can’t make the video release party we will screen the music video exclusively on BrownDownCrown this Friday! Jenna Riot Video Release Party

Bacon Wrapped Icon – HOMO A GO GO!

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Wrap HAGG in Bacon and Throw it To the Menz. This is it. Family Reunion. The Ultimate Gaycation. YOUR queer arts revolution. When August 13th hits thousands of hot gayz will be descending upon San Francisco for four days of full blown mayhem — Homo A Go Go. And THAT is why they are this week’s Bacon Wrapped Icon. Glass Candy, Erase Errata, Mirah and Girl in a Coma as headliners. Peaches Christ, Lil Miss Hot Mess and Carole and Mitzi as hosts. VICKY MARLANE, SF’s iconic drag queen is performing! Larry Bob is taking folks on a queer zine field trip. Samara Halperin is gonna teach you how to make stop motion animated films! Courtney Trouble is screening DIY porn shorts along with the fabulous documentary Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight, the iconic Maggots and Men and the hella punk Lollipop Generation. Dancing with Honey Sound System, RCHRD OH?, Pink Lightning, Rapid Fire, soul music with DJS Brown Amy and DJ Carnita! And wait — a fashion show curated by Chelsea Starr! Not to mention the 40 plus bands that are performing — She Beast with the beautiful Nadia Buyse, The Casual Lust, Dorian Wood, The Younger Lovers (and former Bacon Wrapped Icon), Partyline (with Alison Wolfe head Riot Grrrl), Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Hard Place, Hunx & His Punx, Jenna Riot, Katastrophe. All this AND a bar called the Gaycation Lounge, a group art show and basically the best party SF is throwing this entire summer. Check out this festival guide — what are YOU most excited about? bring it.

Bacon Wrapped Iconz: Girl in A Coma

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Girl in A Coma
These three girls from Texas are basically hella fierce — they are so BrownDownCrown they are this week’s Bacon Wrapped Icon. I am freaking out that they are headlining Friday night of Homo A Go Go — their mesmerizing vocals combined with their Rock n Roll sound and homegrown attitude make them, well, family (and I swear that one girl looks like my cousin). I can’t wait to see what they sound like live — and maybe even share a tamale with them afterward. Remember to get your tix to this show before it sells out! Check out their music video below (if you know the boy with the water gun tell him I’m looking for him) — let’s fill up their SomArts Homo A Go Go show with as many brown people as we can!

BrownDownCrown makes a Sign

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IMG00190-20090627-1507You too can make a BDC inspired sign in 4 easy steps!

1.) choose a witty and timely topic. Bacon, gayz and Michael Jackson are often timeless.
2.) buy posterboard. put on some good music. roll yr sleeves up and make yr sign! apply creative visuals and large cut out letters — glitter and glue are yr friends people.
3.) find something to hold your sign up with! spatulas and rulers will work — in my case a broken Rock Band drum stick with pink duct tape did the trick.
4.) display your sign! find a hot brown person (in my case — the lovely DJ and stylist to the starz Brown Amy) and an appropriate locale (the dyke march is over but there is always Homo A Go Go).

remember — don’t confuse people! DHC (direct and honest communication)! the only problem with this sign was that everyone thought i was selling tacos! i had to explain to them, “I am the gay taco …” now make some signs and most importantly — take sexxxy pictures of them and email em to me!
Wrap Me in Baconz, Throw Me to the Menz Wrap me in Baconz, Throw me to the Menz!

Glass Candy headlining Homo A Go Go!

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glass candyBDC is hella excited that Glass Candy is headlining Homo A Go Go this year!  They may be skinny white hipsters but their pilled out psychedelic anthems make our fat asses dance and that’s all that matters.  I hope they’re not vegan cuz BrownDownCrown is gonna stuff them with bacon backstage before their show at Homo A Go Go! Get your HAGG passes NOW because this show is seriously going to sell out — there are only so many gayz, hipsterz and lesbianz with assymetrical haircuts we can fit in the SomArts warehouse! One thing is for sure — if Glass Candy is good enough for Coco Chanel, then they’re good enough for BrownDownCrown! check out this video at the Chanel fashion show…