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Text a tween to vote for Jenna Riot!

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Jenna Riot helps BrownDownCrown takeover the World

Sometimes you read this blog and you see me write about how BrownDownCrown will be a household name and how we’re infiltrating your TVs thru on demand propaganda or interviews with MTV gayz and how this is all a part of our grand scheme of ultimate world takeover and you may think to yourself, I dont know about these BDC kids they just seem crazy they can’t take over the world.

Well, yes we can. Never underestimate the power of hungry brown people with fame and glory being dangled in front of them like a deep fried american cheese taco wrapped in bacon served with a side of sour cream.

BDCTV’s sexy co-host Jenna Riot has decided to use her world takeover talents to infiltrate the fashion industry! What better way to do that but to become Forever 21’s poster girl. Once they accept her as their own she will preach to them the values of BrownDownCrown and our household name recognition will soon become a reality.

Ms. Riot is now one of the finalists in the Faith 21 (F21’s plus size line) ‘Most Stylish Gal Search‘. Not only will she win $500 (which is a lot of Popeyes!) but she will be flown out to LA for a photoshoot and meet the foxxxy Mia Tyler (daughter of lead singer of Aerosmith). BrownDownCrown and rockstar go hand in hand so you see – this plan is almost foolproof.


click here to vote — you have to register yr email address — you get one vote every day until December 7th. Tell your friends. Yr frenemies. And the tweens — whatever u do make sure you text a tween to vote for Jenna Riot.


GOSSIP makes BDC want to eat Fried Chicken

Posted in beth ditto, BrownDownCrownTV, chris sutton, fried chicken, gossip, rocktober, truffle shuffle on September 22, 2009 by browndowncrown

The Gossip recently performed live on the Jools Holland show (guess its some cool show in Europe?) and it made us love them SO much more. And this is why:

1.) they are now performing with bassist Chris Sutton who has been in so many bands we can’t list them all but we like him best in C.O.C.O. and Dub Narcotic Sound System.
2.) Hannah’s pompadour is so big it reaches the sky
3.) Beth’s first outfit in the clip below is hella gay rainbow peacock meets Colonel Sanders and if thats not punk high fashion I don’t know what is. BDC likes anything that reminds us of fried chicken.
4.) their music inspires us to truffle shuffles all the way to Popeyes!

Dear Gossip — BrownDownCrown can’t wait for you to come back to San Francisco in Rocktober… won’t you please let us buy you some Chubby Hubby and do an interview for BDCTV?? love, BrownDownCrown

BrownDownCrown in a Music Video!

Posted in anavan, Bianca O'Blivion, BrownDownCrownTV, Courtney Trouble, hella ethnic, icy lytes, Jenna Riot, Paparazzi, the gays on June 30, 2009 by browndowncrown

BDC was busy this weekend — making signs, riding in limos, attending video shoots, filming our cable on demand personal ad, pool parties and hanging out at Paparazzi with Icy Lytes and Anavan! The gayz really know how to fill up all their free time. The weekend started with a video shoot directed by porn empress, Courtney Trouble. The video was for Jenna Riot, my BrownDownCrownTV co-host and electro pop sensation. Not only did I become good friends with a chihuahua in a hot dog but I danced my ass off and even showed off my double sided sign for the video (side 1 – Wrap me in baconz, throw me to the menz. side 2 – Gay Tacos for MJ). The shoot ended with a bikini party in a kiddie pool filled with confetti just as our favorite BrownDownCrown Bacon Wrapped Iconz arrived – Mo’Neex from Icy Lytes and DJ Bianca O’Blivion (who’s so brown her club in LA is called Pinche Way!). We couldn’t convince them to get in the kiddy pool but they made some cameos as cell phone photographers and then we headed off to a dirty leather bar to celebrate their invasion of SF. Here are some photos from the video shoot!

BrownDownCrownTV – STUFT

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The long awaited second episode of BDCTV had its world premiere tonight! ¬†Featuring Nadia Buyse’s Matchmaker Series, bacon wrapped icons ICY LYTES and your BDC hosts Jenna and Devon talking about the theme – STUFT. What do you want to get stuft? See what our fans have to say. Special thanks to Kirk Reed, Tara Jepsen, Courtney and Jael for filming & fluffing and everyone who told us what they would want to stuff (sorry most of you didn’t make it into the video, the audio was messed up!) Check it out, tell yr friends — its a movement people so get on the BDC bus – its going straight to yr closest In and Out Burger/Krispy Creme Oasis!