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BDCTV = Celebrity Party

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2010 by browndowncrown

Jenna Riot and I just premiered BrownDownCrownTV Episode 3: I Know What You Did Last Summer With That Celebrity at the K’Vetsh 14th birthday party (for those who don’t know, K’Vetsh is one of SF’s longest running open mic nights…. but kind of so much more). They pulled out an all star line up — Michelle Tea, Jenny Hoyston and Tara Jepsen with their band Lesbians, Beth Pickens telling an amazing story about fiber, Dave End singing from his musical F.A.G.G.O.T.S. which I am so excited to hopefully see in SF soon, Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans, Vero Majano, Kari Orvik, DJ Tanner and Kirk Read. It all takes place in the lobby of a bathhouse Bette Midler style. Huge thanks to K’Vetsh — which is the main reason BDCTV even exists!

Check it out and tell yr friends — BDCTV3 !


WhiteTightRight = DJ Bus Station John

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BrownDownCrown hearts DJ Bus Station John. His longtime monthly club night, The Rod, will finally be taking a break after August to let its wet jockstraps dry for a bit. Since January 2005 The Rod has been dazzling gayz with the infamous wet jock strap contest and bringing wallflowers to the dance floor with the best of underground 70s and 80s bathhouse disco. Lucky for Homo A Go Go-ers — the last Rod will also double as an official Homo A Go Go After Party and an unofficial after party for Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight (a life changing documentary about SF’s oldest drag queen, Vicky Marlane). Wow. And in the spirit of WhiteTightRight elder queen inclusivity (per suggestion of DJ Bus Station John) I leave you with the details of the event and a photo of the star of The Rod and winner of way too many over 40 beauty pageants to list. And remember — if you need yr dancing fix there is always the Tubesteak Connection every Thursday at Aunt Charlies… enough sweaty discoteque-ing to get u thru the week.

@ Deco Lounge,
510 Larkin & Turk
w/ DJ Bus Station John
date: Friday August 14th
time: 10pm-3am
cove: $5
w/ HAGG pass: $3

Heavy cruising & hard cocktails for queer boys & their friends, featuring a wet jockstrap contest, dancing to 70’s/80’s bathhouse disco, & after-hours action!

WhiteTightRight = DJ Bus Station John:

BDC practices elder queen inclusivity

BDC practices elder queen inclusivity


She’s got hella pills in her purse

Posted in Uncategorized on May 14, 2009 by browndowncrown

BrownDownCrown’s very own Jenna Riot performed at our Art Party on March 31st at Thee Parkside! Check out her fierceness alongside those sexy Galang Girl backup dancers. Don’t worry if you missed it, she’ll be performing at Homo A Go Go this August in SF!

Happy Birthday Cochon Records!

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Two hot brown boys. One record label. Ten Years. Happy Birthday! The Cochon Records Ten Year Anniversary Party was at Thee Parkside… highlights included DJ sets by Chelsea Star, Sex Wax, Gary Fembot and Gravy Train!!! as well as live performances by Jenny Hoyston, The Judy Experience, Mirror Mirror and a reunion show for Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes. After ten years Cochon has perfected the delicate balance of anarcho B.O., post art school gaywads and kinko crazies for a kick ass party. It was the Dirty SF Underground at its best and Cochon — we’re hella proud of you. Check out this clip from Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes:

Save the Children — Workshop Fundraiser Tonight!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 8, 2009 by browndowncrown

Capoeira Beyond Brazil Check it out, free to get in, Aniefre Essien wrote a book about Capoeira and will be presenting it alongside a live demonstration. Sounds sexy. All for a good cause — proceeds from the sales of his book will go towards helping little brown kids get arts education in their schools! Check out all the amazing work Performing Arts Workshop does and give em some money if you can’t make the fundraiser

Almodovar = BDC Brilliance

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There’s really nothing more brown than flan and cocaine. Throw in conversation about modernism. cannabalism. feminism — add a creamsicle color scheme and you have La Concejala antropĆ³faga (The Cannibalistic Councilwoman) . Apparently he was so enamored with a character from his upcoming film, Los Abrazos Rotos, that he had to develop her character further in this 7 minute short. Read more about it here and watch this to be amazed by the BDC Brilliance of Almodovar: