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Brunch is our favorite meal of the day because it includes ALL THE MEALS OF THE DAY and always features bacon and champagne. So how excited were we when our hottt SF friends were organizing a FAT-TASTIC Brunch?! Seems like such a good idea we asked if we could invite all the fatties on BROWNDOWNCROWN and they said the more people there are the more chances everyone has of making out! See ya on Sunday! We leave you with BROWNDOWNCROWN QUEEN, Mo’Nique — and some of HER ideas about it all!


Jenna Riot – BDC & the TGD

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Jenna Riot is now the new face of Faith21! With your help (and hella tween voters), she was hand picked by Mia Tyler for Forever 21’s new plus size line. Forever21 (or as some folks refer to it, Forever31) is hella religious which means the fact that they picked a brown queer femme fatty to represent their new line is one step closer to BDC’s TGD – TOTAL GLOBAL DOMINATION. If we can slip past the Christians, we can do anything! She is flying down to LA for a shopping spree and photo shoot — may we suggest Jenna Riot in a sexy outfit as a DOUBLE DOUBLE ANIMAL STYLE – chowing down on some In N Out and covered in their secret sauce between two extra large man patties? Regardless — Faith21’s current model, Whitney Thompson, is the first plus size model to win America’s Next Top Model and has been quoted as saying, “people should look like she does rather than skin-and-bones, which is disgusting and sends a bad message to people everywhere.” We couldn’t agree more! We just hope Whitney introduces Jenna to BDC Superstar TYRA BANKS so she can make a special guest appearance on BDCTV in a fat suit so we can really give her something to cry about! Congrats Jenna — now that you are the chosen one its time to show the world what BDC is all about! Click here to check out the other winners and what Mia Tyler had to say about them all.

EMERGENCY – help BDC kids get TOYS for XMAS!

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The Mission SRO Collaborative is looking for toy donations for the 100 kids that live in and out of the single room occupancy hotels in the mission district. These are little brown kids who might not otherwise be able to afford toys for the holidays and BDC superstar Jorge Portillo (Program Coordinator for the M.SRO.Collab) is organizing an EMERGENCY TOY DRIVE to get them the toys that will put smiles on their faces this year.

the deets:
what: Mission SRO Collaborative TOY EMERGENCY
who: toys for the 100 little brown kids that live in single room occupancy hotels with their families
when: they need to get the toys by this MONDAY DECEMBER 21st, 3PM.
where: drop off the toys at 938 Valencia St. (btwn 20th and 21st – you don’t even have to leave the mission, hipster!) from 9am – 6pm or make special arrangements with Jorge Portillo (415-282-6209 ext 16, 12, or 19) and
why: cuz these kids are off the radar and don’t have access to a lot of the services provided to homeless families.


We asked Jorge some questions about the toy drive and Mission SRO Collaborative and this is what he had to say:

BDC:What is the mission of the Mission SRO Collaborative?
Jorge: Though its currently being revised our current Mission Statement is:
The Mission SRO Collaborative provides tenants rights counseling, organizing leadership opportunities, case management, safe sex/substance abuse outreach services and community space to tenants of Single Room Occupancy hotels in San Francisco’s Mission District. We work together to empower single adult residents and families to defend their rights and organize themselves to improve their lives and living conditions.

BDC: Where do these kids live that will be getting the toys?

Jorge: The kids we work with live inside the hotels. Until recently the families I work with were considered Homeless under federal guidelines (I say until recently because the federal govt. just passed legislation removing families living in SRO’s from the federal definition of homelessness which will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on their ability to receive social services). Usually these families live in rooms that are no larger than about 8×10, share this space with 4 or 5 other people, have no kitchens, and share bathroom facilities with the variety of folks also living in those buildings. The buildings are in (pardon my francois) usually pretty shitty condition; abestos ridden, plagued with pests, unkept, and under exploitative management.

BDC: Why is it important to donate toys to the M.SRO.Colab?

Jorge: I think the most important reason is because so many of our kids are off the radar. They don’t stay in shelters or live on the streets (though they might as well) so they dont benefit from services for homeless youth, their parents can barely afford to keep the meager roofs they currently have over their heads much less buy them a gift, because they come from traditionally uber- marginalized communities; recently arrived immigrants, monolingual households, single parent homes, etc… and really can’t participate in afterschool programs or other programs where they might get gifts, and because we are really the only organization serving these amazing little buds.

For more information about the Mission SRO Collaborative contact Jorge Portillo,


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Radical Roseanne CollectiveIt was bound to happen — the TV show Roseanne has long been a part of our lives and it was about time we started a fanclub for it! Hit us up on facebook where you can read our manifesto, see highlights from our favorite episodes and be jealous of the Connor’s 90s midwestern fashion. As our mission statement says: The Radical Roseanne Collective is a space where like minded Roseanne nerds come to geek out and plan the revolution.

riot grrrl episode:

Text a tween to vote for Jenna Riot!

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Jenna Riot helps BrownDownCrown takeover the World

Sometimes you read this blog and you see me write about how BrownDownCrown will be a household name and how we’re infiltrating your TVs thru on demand propaganda or interviews with MTV gayz and how this is all a part of our grand scheme of ultimate world takeover and you may think to yourself, I dont know about these BDC kids they just seem crazy they can’t take over the world.

Well, yes we can. Never underestimate the power of hungry brown people with fame and glory being dangled in front of them like a deep fried american cheese taco wrapped in bacon served with a side of sour cream.

BDCTV’s sexy co-host Jenna Riot has decided to use her world takeover talents to infiltrate the fashion industry! What better way to do that but to become Forever 21’s poster girl. Once they accept her as their own she will preach to them the values of BrownDownCrown and our household name recognition will soon become a reality.

Ms. Riot is now one of the finalists in the Faith 21 (F21’s plus size line) ‘Most Stylish Gal Search‘. Not only will she win $500 (which is a lot of Popeyes!) but she will be flown out to LA for a photoshoot and meet the foxxxy Mia Tyler (daughter of lead singer of Aerosmith). BrownDownCrown and rockstar go hand in hand so you see – this plan is almost foolproof.


click here to vote — you have to register yr email address — you get one vote every day until December 7th. Tell your friends. Yr frenemies. And the tweens — whatever u do make sure you text a tween to vote for Jenna Riot.

WhiteTightRight + Nerrrd Alert = Will Phillips

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WOW!!  10yo Will Phillips from West Fork, Arkansas gives me hope that we’re not just living in urban gentrified gay bubbles of liberal hipsterism and that real people in all kinds of communities actually care about something other than themselves.  He decided one day he didn’t want to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn’t believe there was true ‘liberty and justice for all’.  He says this specific to gay marriage but in his CNN interview cites racism and sexism that exists in society too.  Way to go baby nerd – you are truly WHITETIGHTRIGHT!  He will probably own some high hipster internet social networking site by the time he’s 16 with a starring role in a Spike Jones movie.

click here to watch the interview with him on CNN
The interview is hilariously mind blowing — from the way he talks and the words he chooses to his smokin hot dad. Its also good to know that kids nowadays are still using the word gaywad and I’m excited for the day that Will realizes its like so super cool to be one. Maybe BDC should homosexually educate CNN anchors — cuz the guy interviewing him literally asked, “What’s a gaywad?” Did I mention Jay Phillips, the smokin hot dad?

click here to read the original article from the Arkansas Times

BDC chats with the GOSSIP

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chris sutton

Chris Sutton and a packed house for the Gossip Show

…. well, sort of. For all purposes we were going to chat with the Gossip, and we did, but once we got there it was a reunion of old and new friends, dancing till we fell over, a crowd surfer (who will remain nameless) scaring the shit out of us and then after party at Honey Sundays with gaggles of gayboys surrounding lead singer, Beth Ditto, on all sides. With all the chaos backstage and afterward all the questions we wanted to ask Beth were lost but we did get to ask her the most important BDC question of all time: Who would you want to wrap in bacon? read on for the answer….

— from our vantage point we could see the front row of sexy brown gayboys singing along to every song like happy drag queens in Reno and that made BDC fill up with joy.
— also met another group of brown gayboys afterward (all of whom had a gay job like florist, stylist and colorist) who came all the way from Fresno to see the show! yah!
— between the Bikini Kill mash up, Queen sing along and Tina Turner cover, the Gossip definitely blew the crowd away and remain one of the best live shows EVER
— we’re so excited for the addition of Chris Sutton as bassist to the band!
— at one point we were talking with TWO of BDC’s Bacon Wrapped Icons at once (Beth Ditto from the Gossip and Andy from Hercules and Love Affair) and that just really was a lot of sexy bacon wrappers in one spot
— When asked who she’d want to wrap in bacon Beth didn’t skip a beat when responding: Lydia Lunch.

here are some pictures from the show… and some videos we found on the internet: