BDCTV = Celebrity Party

Jenna Riot and I just premiered BrownDownCrownTV Episode 3: I Know What You Did Last Summer With That Celebrity at the K’Vetsh 14th birthday party (for those who don’t know, K’Vetsh is one of SF’s longest running open mic nights…. but kind of so much more). They pulled out an all star line up — Michelle Tea, Jenny Hoyston and Tara Jepsen with their band Lesbians, Beth Pickens telling an amazing story about fiber, Dave End singing from his musical F.A.G.G.O.T.S. which I am so excited to hopefully see in SF soon, Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans, Vero Majano, Kari Orvik, DJ Tanner and Kirk Read. It all takes place in the lobby of a bathhouse Bette Midler style. Huge thanks to K’Vetsh — which is the main reason BDCTV even exists!

Check it out and tell yr friends — BDCTV3 !


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