WhiteTightRight + Nerrrd Alert = Will Phillips

WOW!!  10yo Will Phillips from West Fork, Arkansas gives me hope that we’re not just living in urban gentrified gay bubbles of liberal hipsterism and that real people in all kinds of communities actually care about something other than themselves.  He decided one day he didn’t want to recite the pledge of allegiance because he didn’t believe there was true ‘liberty and justice for all’.  He says this specific to gay marriage but in his CNN interview cites racism and sexism that exists in society too.  Way to go baby nerd – you are truly WHITETIGHTRIGHT!  He will probably own some high hipster internet social networking site by the time he’s 16 with a starring role in a Spike Jones movie.

click here to watch the interview with him on CNN
The interview is hilariously mind blowing — from the way he talks and the words he chooses to his smokin hot dad. Its also good to know that kids nowadays are still using the word gaywad and I’m excited for the day that Will realizes its like so super cool to be one. Maybe BDC should homosexually educate CNN anchors — cuz the guy interviewing him literally asked, “What’s a gaywad?” Did I mention Jay Phillips, the smokin hot dad?

click here to read the original article from the Arkansas Times


One Response to “WhiteTightRight + Nerrrd Alert = Will Phillips”

  1. To send Will (or his smokin hot dad) a letter:

    Will Phillips
    c/o NWA Center for Equality
    PO Box 9014
    Fayetteville, AR 72703

    “Original” Facebook Will Phillips Fan Group


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