BDC hearts La Chica Boom

La Chica Boom

La Chica Boom

The first time we met La Chica Boom she fisted a piñata in a full dominatrix outfit and BDC knew we were in love with her. She is a Bay Area performance artist who is so brown she holds the title Ms Gay Latina 2005 AND 2006 (hey La Chica Boom can you help BDC get that title for 2010?)! She is also the founder of Kaleidoscope, the Third
Annual People of Color Cabaret
happening in San Francisco on September 26th!

The lineup looks gaymazing this year and there are even pre show workshops on September 25th and 26th!! Great Brown Minds must think alike because the same day BDC was going to get a hold of La Chica Boom for an interview she contacted us!

BDC: Are you BrownDownCrown?
LCB: Yes, I am BrownDownCrown, because I am La Chica Boom and am hella brown, down and I certainly wear a Swarvosky covered crown! I’ve been working actively in queer communities of color being “brown and down” for about 10 years now. I’ve been organizing with communities of color to destabilize the white heteropatriarchy by day and by night I seduce audiences with my witty ethnic drag and burlesque performance. I am from the El Paso/Juarez border and have been weaving my cultural, political and sexual identity through alternative dance, theatre, performance art, burlesque, clowning and street performance across North America. In the past I’ve worked with a broad range of movements including the prison abolition, anti-rape, domestic violence, and reproductive justice movements with an emphasis on queer and sex worker of color issues.

BDC: Tell me about yr upcoming show and workshops! Can anyone attend?
LCB: Upcoming Show: Have you gone to the website, it is beautiful! It has a video of the past year’s show and the bios/pics of all performers this year. The show is open to everyone! It’s first of its kind in burlesque, in that the show, Kaleidoscope, The Third Annual People of Color Cabaret show-cases performers of color. I bring down men, women, and transgender performers from all over the country each year to showcase a broad range of performances that include drag, burlesque, song, and aerial art and they promise to be erotic, sexy, and witty.

BDC: What can we expect to see at the show?
LCB: This year Toni Elling will be joining us. She is 84 years old now and hella amazing! We will honor her for paving the way for burlesque performers of color today, she is one of burlesque living legends.

There will also be workshops taught by all the pros in the show! Some are FREE! Join us September 25th and 26th from 10am-4p at the Mission Cultural Center for an array of pre-show workshops. Explore your understanding of desire and take one of many classes: The art of BIG burlesque, Masculinity in the world of Burlesque, POC burlesque history, Exotification and Race Representation, Saucy Choreography, Burlesque on a Budget, How do I look?: Drag/stage make-up application, Pasty-making, tassle-twirling, Oh My!, Glove Removal, and other tricks of the trade from the pros.

BDC: What is one of the highlights you are looking forward to seeing?
LCB:I am looking forward to seeing Orchid Mei work her special fans, she is definitely one my favorite classic performers! I am also looking forward to seeing all kinda poc’s in the crowd! I love looking at at their faces while they watch the show. Major satisfaction!

BDC: What will you be performing at the show?
LCB: I will probably be jacking off on tacos with Tapatio! Because I am a Tortillera (mexican slang for queer or lesbian woman) fo sho!

BDC: Why is it important to have an all poc burlesque show?
LCB: It’s important to have a POC show because although burlesque is an amazing art, it has traditionally used our bodies as exotic props and our images for profit. The show is about the politics of a people of color performance movement, about how performers of color redefine and shape our liberation through striptease and cabaret arts. The show is a platform for us to reclaim our images, our racialized sexualities, and to challenged cooptation and the appropriation of our bodies and images. I hope that the show will cast some light on the knowledge, actions, and transformations that pertain to performance, race-sex positivity, and politicize and enrich the neo-burlesque movement.

BDC: If you could wrap any performance artist in bacon — who would it be and why?
LCB:If I could wrap any artist in bacon it would definitely have to be Jesusa Rodriguez, queer Mexican performance artist. Because she’d probably take that bacon and shove it up her ass and then make it a really compelling performance art piece!

Kaleidoscope, The Third Annual National People of Color Cabaret

Kaleidoscope, The Third Annual National People of Color Cabaret

The show will take place at the historic Brava Theater on 2781 – 24th Street in San Francisco on September 26, 2009. Doors open at 7pm and the show begins at 8pm, buy your tickets at the door for $25 in cash or in advance for $20 at
Fore more information on La Chica Boom visit


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  1. I loved every single word of this post !

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