Never Gonna Get It

BDC is SO excited to see this documentary, The Fire This Time. Its about time we bashed back — tho this is a testament to the consequences of defending yrself. Check out the website for a great synopsis of the events that unfolded, why this case is important and links to the articles written at the time that basically criminalized these young women based on their race and sexuality. This JUST happened in August of 2006 and some of these women are STILL serving their sentence — its a dirty dirty shame that I even have to post a blog about it or see a documentary about it or that we even live these experiences as brown people every day in our own ways as we move through our cities and streets.


One Response to “Never Gonna Get It”

  1. OMG i know this filmmaker! she used to live with my friend in brooklyn! and i saw her at the dyke march filming, which, you’ll notice is used when they’re talking about the gay parts of NYC!

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