In Search of Fried Soda

BDC is excited to announce the theme of our next TV show — FRIED SODA!!! Yes, people, it does exist, and tho we have gotten a few leads we are still looking for someone here in SF who can make it for us. What’s the best way to find something you need? Craigslist of course!

click here to respond to our fancy Craigslist post or just read it here:

in search of fried soda – mw4m – 29 (san frandisco)

Date: 2009-09-16, 3:37PM PDT
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We are two San Francisco artists with an online tv show — BrownDownCrownTV — and the theme of our next show is FRIED SODA. If you or someone you know can make us fried soda we will interview you, befriend you and eat it on camera! There is no financial compensation for this — just the love of fame, glory, food and hanging out with fun gay people. That’s why we have a tv show! Any leads on where we can find fried soda in the city would be most helpful. We are totally serious.

more about us:

BrownDownCrownTV hopes to take over the world bringing the brown love to the far reaches of the earth and beyond. We have a blog —, and a tv show — browndowncrownTV that documents the trials and tribulations of all kinds of SF issues including things wrapped in bacon, things u can stuff and daddy punk celebrity sightings like Bob Mould. The TV show is hosted by Jenna Riot, a pop princess who makes electro dance beats alongside her co host, Devon Devine, an all around big sexy bearded man who identifies with the skater betty lifestyle and animal planet. They bring to the frontlines their hella mixed ethnic ideas and have coined the househould phrase, “I’m brown, I’m down, and I wear a crown.” don’t worry if that phrase doesn’t quite feel comfortable to you — you can also be WhiteTightRight like Roseanne and Sleater-Kinney!

Location: san frandisco
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Fried Soda Balls

Fried Soda Balls


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