WhiteTightRight = DJ Bus Station John

BrownDownCrown hearts DJ Bus Station John. His longtime monthly club night, The Rod, will finally be taking a break after August to let its wet jockstraps dry for a bit. Since January 2005 The Rod has been dazzling gayz with the infamous wet jock strap contest and bringing wallflowers to the dance floor with the best of underground 70s and 80s bathhouse disco. Lucky for Homo A Go Go-ers — the last Rod will also double as an official Homo A Go Go After Party and an unofficial after party for Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight (a life changing documentary about SF’s oldest drag queen, Vicky Marlane). Wow. And in the spirit of WhiteTightRight elder queen inclusivity (per suggestion of DJ Bus Station John) I leave you with the details of the event and a photo of the star of The Rod and winner of way too many over 40 beauty pageants to list. And remember — if you need yr dancing fix there is always the Tubesteak Connection every Thursday at Aunt Charlies… enough sweaty discoteque-ing to get u thru the week.

@ Deco Lounge,
510 Larkin & Turk
w/ DJ Bus Station John
date: Friday August 14th
time: 10pm-3am
cove: $5
w/ HAGG pass: $3

Heavy cruising & hard cocktails for queer boys & their friends, featuring a wet jockstrap contest, dancing to 70’s/80’s bathhouse disco, & after-hours action!

WhiteTightRight = DJ Bus Station John:

BDC practices elder queen inclusivity

BDC practices elder queen inclusivity



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